Symantec Incident Response

Advanced threats require advanced incident response

An Effective Incident Management Program Is Essential To Help You Stay In Business

Advanced attacks and a lack of in-house security expertise consistently cause organizations to struggle to implement a security strategy to effectively detect, assess, and respond to threats.

Download this white paper to learn more about:

  • How it is that incident response is one of the most overlooked areas in information security?
  • Why is establishing an ongoing incident management program critical to risk mitigation?
  • What types of testing and training elements are important for your incident management strategy?

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Respond to Security Incidents Quickly

Experts say a massive cyberattack could cause major market disruption and damage to critical infrastructure. Are you ready when it happens? This IDC Flash covers some challenges including response time between an initial compromise and the time a breach is detected. How an organization prioritizes and addresses security alerts could improve cybersecurity resiliency.

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Key Benefits

  • Plan and prepare the impact of an incident
  • Address threats, vulnerabilities, virus outbreaks, and incidents
  • Reduce the time between discovery and remediation
  • Deliver timely and measured response with minimal business disruption
  • Support executives with guidance on both internal and external response
  • Execute remediation plans to prevent recurrence and apply lessons learned after each incident

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