Symantec Endpoint Encryption

Full-disk and removable media encryption for laptops, desktops and servers

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Move Beyond Antivirus with Intelligent Security

Symantec Endpoint Encryption combines strong full-disk and removable media encryption with intuitive, enterprise-scale management that includes compliance based, out of the box reporting.

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Features and Benefits

  • Maximum Protection - Initial encryption happens automatically and transparently to end users. Endpoint Encryption encrypts each drive, sector by sector, ensuring no files are left unencrypted for maximum protection.
  • Ease of Use - Centralized management provides out-of-the-box reporting allowing administrators to quickly prove compliance to auditors and stakeholders. With single sign-on, a user need only enter their passphrase once and Endpoint Encryption passes them through to their main screen, eliminating the need to re-input multiple passwords. As users access their information, decryption and re-encryption happen instantaneously for a seamless experience.
  • Multiple Recovery Options - Multiple recovery options allow organizations to find the right mix of self-recovery and help-desk support for their users. Local self-recovery allows users to setup customizable questions and answers to regain entry, while help-desk support features a one-time use token that users can insert into their machine - changing after each use for added security.
  • Flexible Removable Media - Removable media users can maintain encryption protection and access their data on any Windows or Mac system, even if encryption isn't installed on the machine they are using.