Symantec Cyber Security Services

Threat intelligence, monitoring, skills development and incident response

We help customers minimize detection and response times, reduce operational costs, enable compliance, become more proactive about emerging threats, and respond quickly and effectively when breaches occur.

Arm Your Team with Actionable Insights

Stay connected to and get a deeper understanding of the threat landscape so you can better anticipate and mitigate cybersecurity risk. DeepSight Intelligence keeps your teams informed of vulnerabilities, provides advanced analysis of attacks, and shares the motivations and techniques of threat actors. Make better, faster decisions and implement proactive controls before an attack occurs.

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The Best Defense Is to Think Like an Attacker

Are you ready to take on a growing army of clever, innovative, and persistent cybercriminals? On-the-job training just isn’t sufficient – there’s too much to learn and the risks are too high.

Simulations train security professionals to think like cyber attackers and proactively discover vulnerabilities. Read this white paper, “When On-The-Job Training Is a Recipe for Disaster,” and learn how to use active, immersive learning to develop real-world expertise in defending against attacks.

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Key Benefits

  • Get ahead of emerging threats with DeepSight™ Intelligence for advanced adversary and threat intelligence
  • Extend your awareness globally with Managed Security Services for 24x7x365 global threat monitoring and analysis by your designated team across our SOCs in Europe, Asia, and North America
  • Accelerate effective action when compromised by stepping up your readiness and response program with Incident Response proactive subscription retainer
  • Prepare your security teams’ readiness and skills development through Security Simulation live-fire virtual simulations of today’s most sophisticated attacks