Standard MTD protection actions aren’t cutting it anymore. Aggressive, delayed, and reactive actions from Enterprise Mobility Management (EMM) platforms are failing to meet enterprise demands for solutions that can protect against a range of mobile threats without sacrificing end-user productivity and privacy. This white paper explores the next level of protection actions: on-device, real-time, and smart actions for the most effective form of MTD.

Advanced protection actions provide optimal security against mobile threats without being invasive for end users and interfering with workflows. Relying on a “castle and jail” approach, where threats are isolated on a device (jailed) and corporate resources are protected from malicious actors (castled), advanced protection actions enable enterprises to effectively adapt their mobile security strategy to meet business policies.

Read the white paper to learn about:

  • How advanced protection actions can balance security and business performance needs
  • Which advanced actions can be used to protect against threats across the major mobile threat vectors: risky apps, network, content and device-based threats
  • How VPN technology is leveraged to achieve smarter protection of corporate data and resources
  • Various use cases demonstrating the benefit of advanced protection actions for the enterprise

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