Symantec Innovation Tour

Milan | Madrid Paris

18th - 20thJune 2019

Symantec Innovation Tour

Don’t miss the Symantec Innovation Tour and have the unique opportunity to meet with some of the luminaries behind these technologies and understand how they integrate within our existing solutions for a truly Integrated Cyber Defense.

  • The team from Skycure brought us native mobile threat defense technology that helps predict, detect and prevent cyber threats in iOS & Android and which is being extended to protect modern operating systems
  • The team from Javelin Networks built technology which defends Active Directory against attacks with Obfuscation and provides real-Time breach visibility and automated attack containment therefore preventing lateral movement inside the network using Active Directory.
  • The team from Fireglass developed unique Web isolation technology which creates a secure execution environment between users and the web only sending safe rendering information to users’ browsers.
  • The Luminate team built agentless, zero-trust, secure access to corporate applications hosted on-premises or in IaaS clouds, eliminating the security and complexity challenges associated with broad network access solutions, such as VPNs and NGFWs.



  • Welcome
  • Building a Truly Integrated Cyber Defense
  • Threat Protection for Modern Operating Systems
  • Simplifying Threat Detection hunting and response
  • Embedding Web Isolation in Threat Protection and IP
  • Zero Trust, secure access to Cloud hosted applications
  • Cocktail and Peer networking

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