As IT Departments are pressured to move services to the cloud, the adoption of cloud apps within every enterprise far outstrips the formal adoption; Organizations are using cloud applications at a rate 30-40 times greater than the official IT migration pace.

Cloud applications allow employees to legitimately share content, but with this sharing, they create opportunities to overshare or disclose sensitive data. Additionally, cloud apps can inadvertently disclose user credentials which provide direct access back into the network for business-critical data.

Learn practical program-management steps to construct a Cloud Center of Excellence (CCoE):

  • Form the CCoE, find stakeholders, get executive sponsorship
  • Plan and scope cloud applications – and deal with rogue apps
  • Understand and categorize content in motion
  • Create rules, guidelines, and policies
  • Communication, KPIs, and measuring success

Symantec’s CloudSOC CASB lets IT and Security teams weave controls and policies into accesses for cloud platforms, as well as providing audit controls and incident response support.

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