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Strategies that Empower Your Business, Drive Innovation and Build Customer Trust

In today’s rapidly evolving digital landscape, cyber criminals are targeting under-defended retailers with sophisticated attacks, as the retail industry provides both a softer target and a richer source of consumer information than the Financial Services sector.

Now, retailers can’t afford to ignore IT security issues and must fill technology, staffing, and process gaps to bring their security posture in line with other at-risk industries.

By implementing strong cyber security and risk management programs, retailers offer the innovation customers demand, building trust and loyalty, while reducing risk.

This white paper addresses some of the critical issues your retail enterprise needs to consider for appropriate cyber readiness:

  • Preempting cyber attacks to reduce the need for slow, reactive firefighting or expensive mitigation
  • Gaining context around attacks to operationalize, prioritize, and automate processes, identifying attackers’ missions, funding, and targets
  • Establishing keen security awareness among employees by closing vulnerabilities from knowledge gaps
  • Managed response from experienced teams providing cyber security as a service.
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