Email Consolidation, Record Retention, Archiving and e-Discovery, and High Availability

Symantec sought an archiving solution to provide a framework for organizing unstructured content for legal holds and records retention purposes. Email was identified as one of the higher risk areas and became the focus of the first phase of the archiving project. The company also wanted to reduce email storage costs and improve end-user access to relevant emails and data.

As a result of the Phase One Enterprise Vault deployment, Symantec is achieving substantial business value. The Alchemy Solutions Group conducted a Total Operational and Economic Impact (TOEI™) analysis and quantified realized and projected business value in the following areas: IT Helpdesk Mailbox Support Labor Savings, Microsoft Exchange Server Cost and Labor Savings, Lower Cost Email Storage, Green Energy Savings, and Higher Availability Productivity Savings.

In addition to the above benefits, Enterprise Vault Discovery Accelerator deployed to the e-Discovery group provided the capability for Symantec to reduce the cost of outsourced external processing and hosting fees. Discovery Accelerator enables the company to produce smaller, more targeted email data sets that are sent to outside counsel or other e-discovery vendors for litigation cases.

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