Meeting the GDPR requirements

The arrival of the General Data Protection Regulations (or GDPR) has fundamentally changed the way organisations have to manage and secure the personal data they use. And with larger fines for breaches – up to 4% of annual turnover in some cases – it’s essential that your organisation gets GDPR-compliant as quickly as possible. Read on to find out how we can help you accelerate your GDPR compliance.

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Accelerate your GDPR compliance

Where are you on the journey? Choose your biggest pain point today and we’ll show you the insights you need to get ready for GDPR.

I need a way to visualise and manage risks

The top 4 challenges of shadow data

Find out why shadow data is such a business risk – and how GDPR compliance will also help you better control your data.

Collaboration can be both effective and secure

Today, it’s easy to set up cloud sharing tools without IT support. See how CloudSOC CASB can help you see and control access to all of your data in the cloud.

Improve the visibility of your data risks

Information risk. IT risk. User risk. Keep a handle on your organisation’s personal and sensitive information with the right combination of Symantec products.

I need to be safe from data loss, theft and misuse

Look at the fundamentals

See the top three data protection questions you should be able to answer.

A safer way to share your data

The cloud makes it easy to share data across teams. See how CloudSOC CASB can protect personal data from reaching people and places it shouldn’t.

Protect against information loss, misuse and theft

It’s not enough to understand data risks. Get an end-to-end approach to information protection with Symantec’s market leading products.

I don't know if I can detect/respond to every breach

Detect and respond to a breach

Today’s threat landscape is complex and changing. Get sophisticated, proactive detection and rapid response with Symantec’s leading security solutions.

Find the real enemy within

Data breaches can occur despite the best intentions. See how Symantec Information Protection identifies and analyses unusual behaviours to keep your data safe.

Cyber security at your service

Detecting and responding to a data breach effectively and fast will minimise your losses under the GDPR. From training your teams to Incident Response, we’re always on hand.

See the full range of our GDPR solutions

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What is GDPR?

About GDPR

Effective from 25 May 2018, the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) is designed to give organisations greater responsibility for the personal data they hold and use, and citizens more control how their own data is used.

What’s the impact of GDPR?

In short, the rules around data governance have become stricter, and the fines for breaches are greater. All organisations have to change the way they manage, process and store personal data. But it doesn't make data privacy a burden – some businesses are using good data management for competitive advantage. It can also mean better protection for your systems – and your reputation.

GDPR Explained 

What should I do next?

Take a look at these three next steps.


Assess how GDPR-compliant you are

Our short assessment will quickly show you where you are on the GDPR journey.


Compare your efforts to your peers

We asked organisations across EMEA to describe their current GDPR position, and what’s holding them back.


Accelerate your preparations

Working with an expert partner in information security like Symantec can expedite your GDPR compliance.