Chances are, your enterprise is already drawing up its cloud migration strategy. But have you taken into account all of the security considerations? The cloud introduces new risks and compliance issues for organizations already struggling with the traditional threat landscape. It pokes holes in the traditional network perimeter and opens new doors to data loss and cyberattacks.

How will you maintain control and compliance while protecting privacy in the cloud generation? Start by reading our new book, “Securing Cloud Applications and Services,” written by senior members of our enterprise security staff. You will learn:

  • Why Cloud Access Security Brokers (CASBs) now play a large role in cloud app security
  • Why you need better visibility and more rigorous analysis of your cloud applications
  • How to raise the level of data governance and protection
  • How to detect and respond to threats to your data in the cloud
  • How to ensure compliance and data privacy in the cloud era
  • How to select a CASB
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